Our Story

I am the daughter of a Storyteller and a Goldsmith. 

My mother always has something to tell. Her whole life is a story, and as if she doesn't have enough to share, she can remember almost every story others have told her, too. She captivates everyone she meets. She's hilarious, genuine, warm, usually a little too honest, and I wish I had half her charm. I did manage to inherit her love and appreciation for books and stories. 

My father is a Goldsmith. He's also an artist. He doesn't claim that title for himself, but everyone around him knows it's true (plus his many awards for jewelry design support our opinions). I was born the day his mother died, which inspired my name. My father carried me around the hospital room and called me "his angel", which prompted my mother to say "let's just name her Angel". He didn't exactly go for it, as he wanted his daughter to have a "proper name". Turns out the brand of linens the hospital used was "Angelica". Who can argue with a towel? My middle name was an easier decision, and I was given my grandmother's middle name as my own.

Fast forward 18 years to 2008, and I was graduating high school. 2008 wasn't America's finest moment, and while a lot of businesses were filing for bankruptcy, my parents were opening a jewelry store in a new location and asked me to "help out".

While jewelry isn't a necessity like food and water, it is something rather special. It connects us to a moment, to a place in time. It captures a memory almost like a photograph, and can instantly transport us back. Sometimes it's not even our own memory - some of our most treasured pieces are things passed down to us by loved ones. I think that's one reason my parents could open a successful business in the middle of an economic breakdown - people always want something good to hold on to.

In 2013 my husband joined the family business. He had worked in computers and tech, and learned CAD and jewelry design pretty quickly once he made the career change. We both love jewelry - for all the sentiment it holds, for the beauty God gave us within the earth, and being able to make things that make people happy.

We've been inspired to create something for a while now, and finally, after all this time, our own jewelry line is here.

Thank you for being a part of our Story.


 -Angelica & Andrew